Fraud warning - Beware of scams using the WCO Brand Identity

Have you received an email claiming to be from the WCO? Beware! This is most probably a scam.


Attempts are made by fraudsters to dupe Internet users through unauthorized use of the WCO name and Brand Identity via e-mail communications which appear, on the surface, to have originated from the WCO.


These communications generally involve a request for payment to permit clearance of products purchased online. Don’t be misled by official-looking logos or names. These are fake! Please be advised that the WCO does not have the authority to intervene in Customs clearance processes, as these are handled by national Customs administrations.


If you have doubts about the credibility of any communication that appears to originate from the WCO, please send an e-mail to:


The WCO accepts no liability for any costs, charges or payments incorrectly incurred as a result of fraudulent activities. 

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Please note that the WCO is not the competent authority to provide you with national procedures and requirements. For this information you must contact the Customs administration in your respective country. k


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