The WCO – INAMA Project

The WCO - INAMA project is the follow up of two previous initiatives funded by the Swedish Government (GAPIN I and II project). It aims to enhance Customs Administrations’ ability to fight wildlife crime through targeted capacity-building and support with enforcement operations.

With an unprecedented surge in the last decade and a complex intercontinental dimension, wildlife crime has become a priority issue on the global agenda. Customs administrations have a critical role to play in the fight against the illegal trade of wildlife and especially Convention on Illegal Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) listed species. As a response to this global threat, the WCO, with the support of key development and technical partners, has developed the INAMA Project.

The main support subjects include:

    • Organizational Diagnostics related to CITES
    • Intelligence
    • Enforcement

The INAMA project is a multi-donor project, namely sponsored by Sweden, the U.S. Department of States, the GiZ and CITES, and will run until 2018.

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