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Photo Competition

Overview of past WCO Photo Competitions

The Photo Competition provides WCO Members with a means to showcase their Administration’s history, activities and successes.


2016 - Bahrain
"Digital Customs is here"

  Photo competition 2016   Photo competition 2016


2015 - Sudan Customs administration
"Border ahead"
The photo shows goods trucks ready to cross the border between Sudan and Egypt. Since April 2015, the Askeit border post is the first and only border crossing point in Sudan benefiting from a Single Window environment, with all relevant authorities gathered under one roof. The volume of trade exchange between Sudan and Egypt through this post amounts to about 185 million US dollars per year, a figure which is expected to increase twofold, or even threefold, over the next few years.

  Sudan   Photo competition

2014 - Iceland Customs administration 

"Fifty years of change"

Fifty years or so ago, Customs officers had to search through papers to access information. The general public came to Customs to deliver or collect their papers and certificates. This has completely changed today with information being stored electronically and accessible whenever and wherever. Customs officers can now also rely on high technology tools in their daily work, including sniffer dogs given their incredible capacities
  WCO Photo Competition 2014 - Winning picture - Iceland   WCO Photo Competition 2014

Video Nigeria Competition 2014


2013 - Thai Customs administration
"Customs officers amidst a fast-changing world"

Two Customs officers inspecting goods in a cargo warehouse, find themselves in the middle of fast-paced logistics activities.

  Photo competition 2013 Winner Thailand   Photo competition 2013

2012 - Slovakian Customs administration
“Full-time Customs officer, 1941”
An officer of the Financial Guard on duty at the frontier with his young daughter on his lap.
  Winning pictures   Photo Competition 2012

2011 - Algerian Customs administration 
“In the desert, the next shift arrives
The picture paid tribute to Customs officers based in the south of Algeria who fight against smuggling.
  Algeria winner 2011   Photo competition 2011

2010 - French Customs administration
“A teacher and his attentive students"
The picture shows a sniffer dog instructor “teaching” four Labradors seated on chairs the different categories of drugs.
  winner 2011   Photo competition 2010

2009 - Danish Customs administration 
“A nose for success!”
A photo of Chili, the Customs sniffer dog.
  Denmark winner 2009   Photo Competition 2009