Global Information and Intelligence Strategy Project Group

Confirmed by the Council - June 2003

Updated - June 2005

Updated - June 2011

Established: February 2002

Duration: Unspecified

1. Mandate

The GIIS Project Group mandate is to develop a strategy that meets the needs of all Members for the development and continuous enhancement of Intelligence, including recommendations for bringing the Strategy into force, taking due account of the varying situation in Member administrations.

The GIIS Project Group’s mandate covers consideration of information – including nominal and/or personal data - and the relationship between information systems, including the Customs Enforcement Network (CEN).

2. Membership

Three Member administrations from each WCO region, nominated through the Vice-Chairpersons. The tenure of the members shall usually be for two years with no bar to their re-nomination.

The WCO Regional Intelligence Liaison Offices (RILOs) will nominate their representatives for each meeting of the Project Group.

The members of the Project Group shall elect the Chairperson from among them.

3. Function and Scope

The development of a Global Information and Intelligence Strategy shall include consideration of the following issues:

  • The identification of Intelligence standards for tactical, operational and strategic Intelligence.
  • The elaboration of Intelligence support specific to Customs activities to subsequent investigations and to trade facilitation and management.
  • The incorporation of Intelligence collection, collation, evaluation, analysis and dissemination into Customs practices.
  • The identification of Intelligence products, such as alerts, trends, profiles, reports and messages.
  • The functioning and further development of CEN and its applications.
  • The identification of options and possibilities to promote an enhanced operational role and tasks for RILOs.
  • The confirmation of Customs-specific Intelligence competencies.
  • The development of an Intelligence training curriculum.
  • The identification of clear linkages between Intelligence and Risk Management principles.
  • Planned and co-ordinated Intelligence liaison.
  • The management of information through to the development of Intelligence.
  • Quantitative and qualitative measurement parameters for completed Intelligence.
  • The incorporation of the strategy into WCO organizational structures and rules, including CEN and Regional Intelligence Liaison Offices (RILOs).

4. Key Deliverables

The GIIS Project Group will:

  • Monitor and report on progress on implementation of the Global Information and Intelligence Strategy;
  • Further develop risk indicators (Standardized Risk Assessments, General High Risk Indicators, risk indicators for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR));

5. Means of Operation

The GIIS Project Group is scheduled to meet on a periodic basis to carry out its work.

As far as possible, the GIIS Project Group will manage its work through electronic means. Drafts seeking comment will be placed on the Members’ Web site.

The GIIS Project Group will consult with other Committees and Working Groups, including CENMaT, the Expert Group on Electronic Crime and the WCO/Business Partnership, to identify linkages and overlaps.

6. Resources Required

It is acknowledged that costs associated with the work of the GIIS Project Group will be borne by participants’ home administrations.

The WCO Secretariat will facilitate meeting arrangements as required, including interpretation and documentary support.