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WCO Goals

Strategic Goal 1 - Promote the security and facilitation of international trade, including simplification and harmonization of Customs procedures = Economic Competitiveness Package

The WCO is working with its Members to ensure growth by securing and promoting economic competitiveness. Trade security and facilitation is one of the key factors for economic development of nations and is closely tied into international and national agendas on social wellbeing, poverty reduction and economic development of countries and their citizens. Likewise, the WCO provides a forum for the development of instruments and tools to simplify and harmonize Customs procedures and it will continue to work with its Members to promote best practices in trade facilitation and security.

Strategic Goal 2 - Promote fair, efficient and effective Revenue collection = Revenue Package

Collection of revenue remains a top priority for many Customs administrations, particularly in economies where a substantial portion of government revenue is derived from Customs duties. A modern Customs administration needs to apply the relevant tools and instruments - developed by the WCO and other international bodies - in a consistent manner in order to achieve fair, efficient, and effective revenue collection.

Strategic Goal 3 - Protect society, public health and safety, and contribute to combating crime and terrorism = Compliance and Enforcement Package

The efficiency and effectiveness of Customs border compliance is a determining factor in ensuring goods, people and means of transport comply with laws and regulations, the attainment of safe and secure communities, the economic competitiveness of nations, the growth of international trade and the development of the global marketplace.

The WCO will continue to develop and maintain standards and guidelines with respect to the goal of protecting society, and contributing to the fight against crime and terrorism. The exchange of Customs enforcement information and Intelligence is crucial to the WCO’s Enforcement Strategy. To this end, the WCO will coordinate and implement Customs law enforcement initiatives and operational activities with assistance from key stakeholders.

Strategic Goal 4 - Strengthen Capacity Building = Organizational Development Package

Effective and efficient Customs administrations are vital for the economic and social development, as well as the security of States. The WCO, as the global centre of Customs excellence, plays a central role in developing, promoting and supporting the implementation of modern Customs standards, procedures and systems and has positioned itself as a global leader in Capacity Building delivery. The WCO will manage, promote and further develop the Organizational Development Package.

The development of Capacity Building tools is linked to three enablers that were emphasized by the Capacity Building Committee as essential for sustainable development and modernization: Political Will, People and Partnerships.

Strategic Goal 5 - Promote Digital Customs to support, in particular, Coordinated Border Management and information exchange between all stakeholders

Technological developments and, in particular, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are a diverse and cross-cutting area. The WCO needs to follow a comprehensive strategic approach in dealing with these developments and using ICT to support modernization. The ability to undertake technologically-enabled reform is useful both for WCO Members in their national and regional reform processes, as well as for the WCO as a whole, to identify future areas that need to be supported by developing related supporting standards and tools. The WCO provides a forum for international cooperation and coordination to promote greater connectivity and more harmonious interaction, including the exchange of information and experience and the identification of best practices, between Member administrations, other government agencies, international organizations, the private sector and other relevant stakeholders.

Strategic Goal 6 - Raise the performance and profile of Customs

The WCO and the international Customs community promote their strategic priorities, roles and contributions through cooperation, communication and partnership with governments, other international and regional organizations, donors and the private sector.

Strategic Goal 7 - Conduct Research and Analysis

The WCO conducts research and analysis on a wide range of Customs and international trade topics using various methods in order to promote a professional, knowledge-based service culture, and to benefit the WCO membership and external stakeholders.