Excise Summit

31 August 2012


World Customs Organization

Excise Summit



2 - 3 July 2012
Headquarters of the World Customs Organization, Rue du Marché 30, 1210-B, Brussels, Belgium
Organized by:


 The World Customs Organization in cooperation with the International Tax and Investment Center (ITIC)

The World Customs Organization (WCO) will hold a Global Excise Summit in cooperation with the International Tax and Investment Center (ITIC) to discuss customs tax administration and enforcement activities aimed at fair and efficient revenue collection.
The collection of revenue has historically been one of the cornerstones of Customs administrations responsibilities and continues to be an area of high importance to our membership. In response to WCO Members’ concerns regarding the collection of fair and accurate revenues, the WCO Revenue Package was developed. Nevertheless, our Members have been seeking a special forum to discuss enforcement issues surrounding commercial fraud and excisable products.





The primary objective is to bring together all actors from Member countries, international and regional organizations, as well as industry and academia representatives to openly discuss public/private partnership regarding tax administration and enforcement, and the linkage with illicit trade.
This two-day event will feature five main topics, namely: customs tax administration, fair and efficient tax collection, public- private partnership and technology solutions. Discussions will be led by heads of services or specialists with a wealth of experience in this domain.




The summit expected to assemble 250 senior customs officers from all 177 members of the World Customs Organization, industry and NGO representatives and academics. It’s aimed at managerial staff with responsibilities in the area of revenue collection, as well as at experts with a deep understanding of this subject. It will be conducted in the Organization’s two official languages, English and French.