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Diagnostic Mission to Guatemala completed

15 February 2007
Agua Caliente Border Post – Guatemala/Honduras
Text Photo byline: Mr. Angelo Merola (CBSA), Mr. Juan Francisco de León (North-East Region Coordinator), Mr. Héctor Búrbano (Operational Area Adviser), Mr. Ernani Checcucci (WCO), Manager of Agua Calient Post and René François De-Franchi (French Customs Administration)

 21 October 2005

The Superintendency of Taxation Administration (SAT) of Guatemala asked the World Customs Organization (WCO) to carry out a global study of the Customs administration and its border control strategies with a view to the elaboration and implementation of an extensive Customs reform and modernization project. An expert mission appointed by the WCO, with support and input from a Customs official of the Canada Border Services Agency, visited Guatemala from 8 to 21 October 2005 to provide the assistance requested.

The SAT gave the mission its full support, organizing meetings, operational visits and providing copies of its strategic and operational plans, internal and external reports and all the documentation that the team requested.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), taking into account the cooperation agreements with the WCO and the project for Customs Capacity Building in the Americas, is providing additional support to the Administration.