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Iran Columbus Phase 1(News)

13 September 2007

October 2007

At the request of the Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance and President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA), Mr M H Rahbari, a WCO diagnostic study team conducted an intensive interview and inspection program between 1 and 13 September 2007. The team, noting the developments currently under way, assessed the present status of IRICA and made recommendations in relation to the implementation of the SAFE Framework of Standards. The team visited IRICA Headquarters in Tehran, observed operations and interviewed staff and clients in head office and in Bandar Abbas, Iran’s biggest port. It also interviewed a wide range of stakeholders from both the private and public sectors. In recent years, IRICA has made considerable progress in modernization and the administration is very active internationally. It is now intensifying those efforts to meet the challenges of Iran’s fast growing trade volume and the implementation of SAFE. The Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, who met the WCO team at the end of the mission, indicated that the Government fully supported the commitment made by the President of IRICA.