Benin Mission

25 February 2010

The World Customs Organization (WCO) was tasked with monitoring the implementation of Benin’s Customs Reform and Modernization Strategy, developed jointly in 2008 by Benin Customs and an expert from the WCO Capacity Building Directorate.

The Millennium Challenge Account-Benin (MCA-Benin) organized an initial exploratory mission in Cotonou from 11 to 18 February 2010.

During this mission, the WCO expert helped to finalize an international invitation to tender dossier issued by the Benin Government, relating to the procurement of a variety of equipment and services for the Customs Administration. The expert also finalized the WCO’s calendar of work in Benin for 2010 and 2011 and oversaw the work of a private international firm recruited by MCA-Benin to ensure that the modernization strategy is properly implemented.

Some proposals were made to adjust the action plan and initial work, taking account of the scale of the changes to be made in order to substantially improve Customs’ performance at Cotonou port, especially against the backdrop of the major overhaul to extend and modernize this port.

An initial monitoring mission will begin in May 2010, following on from the exploratory mission.