National Customs Day celebrations in Moldova

07 September 2010

National Customs Day celebrations in Moldova

Chisinau, 3-5 September 2010


At the invitation of Director General Tudor Balitchi of Moldova Customs Service, WCO Secretary General, Kunio Mikuriya, visited Chisinau from 3-5 September to attend Moldova’s National Customs Day celebrations that took place on 4 September. He also met Prime Minister Vladimir Filat and Minister of Finance Veaceslav Negruta to discuss Customs reform.

During the Customs Day ceremony, the Secretary General commended recent progress made by Moldova to modernize its Customs based on the WCO Columbus Programme. Their efforts were backed by cooperating with the Border Guard, business associations and other international partners, including Romania, the Ukraine and EUBAUM (EU Border Assistance Mission). Separately, both the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance identified Customs reform as a priority and confirmed their strong political support for it.

On 5 September the Secretary General visited Leuseni border post, situated between Moldova and Romania. He was joined by Director General Balitchi and President Sorin Blejnar of the Romanian Fiscal Agency which also has responsibility for Customs.

Both Customs administrations station Customs officers on either side of the border. As a result Romanian Customs officers participate in export controls at the Moldova Customs relating to scanning and physical inspection while Moldovan Customs officers participate in import controls at the Romanian Customs checkpoint. Moreover, they have recently switched from 100% scanning at both sides to 50% scanning in a complementary manner. This arrangement has resulted in more efficient use of scanners and considerably reduced waiting times for trucks at the borders. They plan to gradually reduce the scanning rate in the future.

Moldova Customs has adopted an integrated border management system with the Border Guard; both having access to common data. A Single Window arrangement involving other border agencies is in operation at inland Customs offices.