World Customs The new International Anti-Corruption Academy - IACA

08 September 2010
The new International Anti-Corruption Academy, IACA

Vienna, 02-03 September 2010

On 02-03 September, the WCO participated in a Conference called “From Vision to Reality: A new and Holistic Approach to Fighting Corruption” in Vienna, Austria.

Main focus of the Conference was the inauguration of IACA, the new International Anti-Corruption Academy. During the Conference, already more than 30 countries signed the agreement to establish IACA as an independent International Organization located in Laxenburg, close to Vienna, Austria - and became thus Members of the Organization.

Information provided during the Conference indicates that IACA will be open to all kinds of stakeholders, governments, academia, private sector, NGOs and other interested parties. It will focus on a number of issues in the anti-corruption area, including Capacity Building/training as well as research. IACA expects their anti-corruption study programme (Master studies) to start in mid 2011.
The Conference showed a high level of political support for the future work of IACA. Austria as the host country of IACA managed to demonstrate their commitment to the fight against corruption by a perfect organization of the event.

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