Strategic planning mission to Cameroon

10 December 2011

  Strategic planning mission to Cameroon


As part of Phase II of the WCO Columbus Programme, a mission to support the the development of a 2012-2016 Strategic Plan for the Cameroon Customs Administration was carried out from 28 November to 2 December 2011 by two WCO experts (from Morocco and Switzerland) and a Congolese Technical Attaché from the Regional Office for Capacity Building of West and Central Africa (ROCB-WCA).

The mission was undertaken with financing from the Eurocustoms Fund, financial assistance from the Netherlands Customs Co-operation Fund and a contribution by the Directorate General of Cameroon Customs.

The workshop, attended by 16 senior Customs officials, made it possible to kick-start a process that will enable the Cameroon Customs Administration to produce a detailed plan of the actions required for the way forward in order to discharge its duties more effectively and to achieve its vision of “A modern and effective Customs for an emerging Cameroon”.

Six key strategic areas were consequently identified, aimed at putting in place strategic management tools; instituting effective human resource management practices; providing the Customs administration with simplified and harmonized Customs procedures and a regulatory framework compatible with regional and international standards; developing programmes contributing to efficient revenue mobilization; maximizing organizational performance through the acquisition of suitable infrastructure and logistical resources; developing co-operation, partnership and communication.

The participants welcomed the contribution by the WCO experts and reiterated their commitment and the need to carry out the reform.