Accreditation workshop for Arabic-speaking Expert Trainers in the Harmonized System

26 May 2014

The WCO, reinforcing its efforts to provide high-quality training and technical assistance on the Harmonized System, conducted an accreditation workshop for Arabic-speaking Expert trainers in the Harmonized System from the MENA region (Middle East and North African region). The workshop, which was held at Casablanca, Morocco, from 12 to 16 May 2014, under the sponsorship of the CCF Japan, was also a great opportunity for the Harmonized System experts of this region to network, exchange experience and establish informal working contacts with each other.

Nine pre-selected candidates from nine different administrations participated in the five-day workshop, which was delivered by two WCO facilitators. The sessions consisted of discussions about key Harmonized System issues and the training techniques recommended by the WCO. They were also refreshed on all the tools and instruments available for them as WCO experts and the techniques on how to be a good Harmonized System trainer. They were assessed on the 4th day when each participant led a WCO training session on the Harmonized System.

From the results of the workshop, the WCO facilitators decided that two participants would be granted WCO accreditation as an expert trainer on the Harmonized System. All participants benefited from the Workshop and received guidance on their personal performance throughout the whole workshop and also on human resource development. The WCO Secretariat is very grateful for the commitment shown by participants and therefore Members, and convinced that the newly appointed trainers will be very valuable to the Harmonized System capacity building activities in the region.

As a result, new capacity has been created in this region, which will facilitate the understanding of technical matters related to Harmonized System and the use of the WCO tools by Members, while taking account of the specificities of this Region.