Deputy Secretary General visits Czech Customs Administration

22 September 2014

Czech Republic, 15-16 September 2014

Deputy Secretary General Sergio Mujica visited the Czech Customs Administration on 15 and16 September 2014 to discuss and support the various projects currently underway in Czech Customs.

He held working meetings with Mr. David Chovanec, Deputy Director General of Czech Customs, to discuss the latest developments in respect of the WCO Strategic Plan, including the WCO roadmap to support implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement. Mr. Mujica also met with the management team of the Division of Surveillance and Mobile Units and was informed about the practical experience of Czech Customs in the enforcement area.

The Deputy Secretary General then travelled to Hermanice to visit the Customs Canine Training Centre, which was granted the status of WCO Regional Centre in 2005. He learned about the various training programmes dispensed at the Centre and attended a practical demonstration of the training given to Customs dogs and their handlers.

On 16 September, Mr. Mujica participated in the opening ceremony of an international training course delivered to Customs officers from Kyrgyzstan and Russia, held in the City Hall building of Frydland, with participation of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the cities of Hermanice and Frydland.