German Dog Training Centre certified as WCO Regional Centre

02 February 2015

At the invitation of Mr. Thomas Schoeneck, President of the German Centre for Education and Science of the Federal Revenue Administration, Secretary General Kunio Mikuriya attended a ceremony to mark the valuable contribution of two German canine training centers within the WCO Regional Training Centres network.

The ceremony took place at the Customs Dog Training Centre in Neuendettelsau in southern Germany. The German Customs administration has an additional training centre situated in the north of the country in Bleckede; the two centres combined train almost 390 dog teams operating throughout Germany.

Dog teams have played an important role in the protection of German borders since the early 1950s. Canine teams today have diversified and are specially trained to detect a wide variety of products such as narcotics, cigarettes, money and protected species of animals (CITES). Germany is recognized the world over for its expertise in this area and has provided training to several WCO Members.

Unveiling a plaque to mark the occasion, Mr. Schoeneck spoke of the pride the German Federal Revenue Administration felt for the canine facility and the professionalism of its officers. The recognition of the Dog Training Centre by WCO Members as a first class facility was proof of the high regard in which the centre was held.

Secretary General Mikuriya congratulated the German Federal Revenue Administration on the occasion, emphasizing the important role Germany played in offering its facilities and training to WCO Members. Mr. Julian Würtenberger, Director General of the German Federal Revenue Administration, congratulated all those involved with the Dog Training Centre, adding that it was a proud day for all concerned.

The ceremony was also attended by Mr. Jürgen Hartlich, President of the Federal Finance Directorate for the South-East region, local dignitaries and staff of the Dog Training Centres in Germany.