Burundi Revenue Authority - Elearning training for trainers and officials

14 December 2016

More Information

In the framework of the WCO-EAC-CREATe Programme, funded by Sweden, a diagnostic mission was conducted in the Burundi Revenue Authority (Office Burundais des Recettes – OBR) from 25 to 29 July 2016, in order to conduct a national gap analysis for the implementation of the regional Authorized Economic Operator programme. During that mission, the development of human resource management and e-learning were identified as critical factors for the success of the programme.

Therefore, during a mission which took place in Bujumbura, Burundi from 28 November to 1 December 2016, ten OBR officers were able to participate in a workshop on the use of e-learning in the framework of training activities for the Administration’s staff. 

Over and above the technical aspects of using the training management software installed at the OBR, participants were able to explore the organization of training, including distance learning, as well as the design and management of online training courses. 

In addition to using, at national level, the catalogue of WCO e-learning modules which will serve, in particular, to train staff in risk management and post-clearance audit, the Burundi Administration intends to place its own training material online in order to personalize and supplement the WCO lessons to suit local requirements.