WCO reviews progress and long-term planning with Tanzania Revenue Authority

10 April 2017

Following a visit by the WCO Secretary General in February, a mission was conducted by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) -funded “Customs Capacity Building for WCO Members 2012-17” Project Manager.  Together with TRA, a clear view on Action Plan for WCO-Norad support to Tanzania over the remaining 6 months of the Programme was established.  Support to date has built capacity in the areas of Classification and Valuation, through training missions and the development of a core team within TRA.

The mission took place in Dar es Salaam, 27-30 March 2017.

During the mission, the Managers of each of the key Customs departments reviewed and validated TRA’s 2017/18 WCO Capacity Building Annual Needs assessment.  A presentation on the WCO’s Mercator Programme was also delivered with emphasis on the understanding of the utility of a Project Management Approach for delivery of strategic objectives. WCO-Norad Project Manager reviewed other initiatives with TRA counterparts, including the WCO-INAMA Institutional Assessment Tool as well as the WCO-EAC AEO Progamme also being delivered in Tanzania. 

The aim of the WCO-Norad project is to deliver technical assistance to seven countries in specific areas of Customs operations.  For more information, please contact the Project Manager, Ms. Andrea Hampton (Andrea.Hampton@wcoomd.org)