As the Timor-Leste Customs Administration Enters a New Phase, WCO Provides Support for Migration to HS 2017 in Line with Regional Systems

15 December 2017

Dili, 6-15 November 2017

The WCO worked with counterparts in Timor-Leste Customs Service to conduct an assessment to assist TLCS with migration from HS 2012 to HS 2017 for Classification.  This technical assistance was provided in response to a specific request from the country’s Fiscal Reform Board, and following the coming into force in October of a new Customs Code and restructuring with the Customs Service.

Funded by the WCO-Norad Customs Capacity Building Project, the Experts worked with TLCS senior managers and operational staff involved in Classification to conduct the assessment and provide recommendations in line with regional systems (ASEAN).  This joint effort complemented previous interventions under the WCO-Norad Customs Capacity Building Project that has developed Classification capacity within the Customs Service through training of officers as well as a new core training team within the Service itself.

The WCO-Norad Customs Capacity Building Project 2012-17 aims at delivering technical assistance to seven countries: Timor-Leste, Liberia, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Tanzania and Vietnam.  For more information, please contact the Project Manager, Ms. Andrea Hampton (