MENA Regional Workshop on Organizational Performance Measurement

18 December 2017

More than 50 representatives from nine Customs administrations in the MENA Region participated in a WCO Regional Workshop on Organizational Performance Measurement from 3 to 7 December 2017. The Workshop was hosted by Qatar Customs and held in Doha, Qatar.

The 5-day workshop covered the main elements of organizational performance measurement. Mostly hands-on group work, participants discussed and designed indicators for strategic plans, work area plans, functions and activities. The program also included discussion and exercises covering benchmarking, service charters and the WCO Time Release Study (TRS).

Interspersed with the practical exercises were a number of exchanges and presentations from the different administrations. A notable highlight was the innovative exploration/trial by Qatar Customs on use of the Business Intelligence performance measurement model.

The agenda was based on WCO standards and guidance from Chapter 13 of the WCO Capacity Building Development Compendium as well as international activity and developments in Customs performance measurement and performance indicators.