Niger modernizes its HR System and adopts a competency-based approach

13 December 2017

Under the auspices of the WCO-WACAM Project financed by Sweden, a scoping and assistance mission was carried out in Niamey from 27 to 30 November 2017. This mission had two objectives. One objective was to assess the human resources management (HRM) situation based on the WCO HRM diagnostic tool. Another objective was to galvanize the HRM modernization process by developing the basis for a modern HRM competency-based system.

During the mission, where 43 participants actively participated (among which 6 women), the HR modernization team within Niger Customs has finalized and validated a job catalogue, a competency framework, and job descriptions for steering and mentoring professions. Capacity-building activities carried out by WCO experts (including one regional expert from West and Central Africa) have enabled the project team members to own the approach of developing competency-based tools and to be aware of the issues arising from the adoption of the competency-based approach. Furthermore, an action plan for future support was developed. This action plan describes the different capacity-building activities to be implemented in the course of 2018 to develop HRM competency-based tools.

Moreover, and in order to gain political support, WCO experts held a meeting with the Finance Ministry and its counselors at the Ministry of Finance premises to sensitize them to this key modernization project.

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