WCO mission to strengthen Cambodia Customs’ Valuation and Origin infrastructure

05 December 2017

At the request of the General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia (GDCE), the WCO conducted a mission with the aim of strengthening the Customs’ infrastructure for Valuation and Origin controls in Phnom Penh between 27 November and 1 December.

The mission consisted of a diagnostic evaluation of the present infrastructure, involving meetings with the teams responsible for Valuation and Origin policy, risk management, post-clearance audit and training policy.  In addition, a visit was made to Phnom Penh international airport to view operational checks on import consignments.

A short Workshop lasting one and a half days was held as part of the programme for 30 selected GDCE personnel covering various technical and practical issues, including sessions on, inter alia, royalties and licence fees, transfer pricing and discounts for Valuation and certification, verification and advance rulings for Origin.

The Director General of GDCE, Mr. Kun NHEM, opened the Workshop and indicated his support for the WCO programme.

Following the mission, the WCO team will make recommendations for GDCE, based on its findings, which will help with the strengthening of the Valuation and Origin infrastructure and relevant control systems.