Classification decisions taken at the 58th Session of the Harmonized System Committee have been released

10 January 2017

The WCO Harmonized System Committee (HSC) held its 58th Session at the WCO headquarters in Brussels from 28 September to 7 October 2016.  The decisions taken by the HSC during this Session have now been published on our website.

These include, in particular, 14 new Classification Opinions, 10 sets of amendments to the HS Explanatory Notes, as well as 27 Classification Rulings, dealing with, among other things, seeds of fruits of the genus Capsicum, for sowing; a ready-to-eat stew preparation containing dark chocolate and cocoa; chewable cough and throat tablets; sugar-coated milk chocolate sweets put up for retail sale with sweets dispensers; ceramic ink; a “Hall element device”; tube bundle containers, consisting of a number of cylinders (four or six) used for the transportation of compressed natural gas; a two-wheeled transportation device (also known as “hoverboard”); floating structures; products presented for use in the field of trauma surgery for setting fractures and a virtual reality set for a video game console.