Oman's AEO Programme launched during International Customs Day celebrations

31 January 2017

At the invitation of Col. Khalifa Alsiyabi, Director General of Oman Customs, WCO Secretary General Kunio Mikuriya visited Muscat, Oman on 29 and 30 January 2017 to join in the International Customs Day celebrations during which the new Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme was launched.

Oman Customs has made impressive progress over recent years in incorporating WCO standards and best practices in its procedures, acceding to the Revised Kyoto Convention in 2015 and the Harmonized System Convention in 2016. Roll-out of the new Bayan system commenced in July 2015 and, after its full implementation, will offer a comprehensive Customs management system and single window for all border regulatory agencies including the Ministries of Agriculture and Fisheries, Environment and Climate Affairs, Health, Commerce and Industry and the Public Authority of Mining.

In his celebratory speech, Dr. Mikuriya commended the high pace of Customs reform since his last visit to Oman in 2013, following which WCO assistance had intensified through the strong level of commitment expressed by Lt. General Hassan Bin Mohsin Al-Shuraiqi, Inspector General of Police and Customs, on behalf of the Oman government. The development of the Bayan system provides an excellent platform for risk management based on data analysis for effective border management in collaboration with other government institutions. Dr. Mikuriya also emphasized the importance of a Customs partnership approach with the private sector in facilitating and securing trade and welcomed the launch of Oman’s AEO Programme, with four companies being the first to obtain AEO status. He presented a WCO Certificate of Merit to Dr. Ali Bin Masoud Al Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce and Industry, in recognition of his close cooperation with and support for Customs. Eight government ministers participated in the celebration and were also shown the Customs Training Centre comprising a Customs exhibition room.

Dr. Mikuriya took the opportunity to meet the Inspector General of Royal Oman Police and Customs and his management team. He also had bilateral meetings with Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Salem Al-Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications, and the Minister of Commerce and Industry to discuss the future cooperation between their ministries and Customs.