WCO supports Saudi Customs in implementing post clearance audit

06 January 2017

In seeking to effectively manage Customs risk, as a result of ever-increasing trade volumes, Saudi Customs decided to enhance its risk-based controls at borders by setting up a post clearance audit (PCA) section in January 2017. To achieve its objective, the administration requested assistance from the WCO on the policy and technical aspects relating to international audit technique standards.

The WCO supported Saudi Customs in implementing a PCA function more effectively in accordance with the WCO PCA Guidelines, in particular by means of demonstrations and case studies, as well as theoretical issues, to enhance Saudi Customs officials’ technical knowledge in this respect.

Thus, two WCO PCA Accredited Technical and Advisory Experts successfully conducted a one week PCA workshop in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from 18 to 22 December 2016, during which they delivered lectures based on the WCO PCA Guidelines and tools, while sharing their knowledge and technical experience with participants.

During the training session, Saudi Customs presented its structures and processes on PCA, and allowed these processes to be observed at the Audit Department and the Risk Management Department, as well as at the Customs branch office and the Riyadh Dry Dock. This assisted the experts in making practical recommendations for the implementation of a PCA function.

Saudi Customs and the workshop participants appreciated the WCO training mission, including the guidance provided by the WCO experts, and were particularly pleased with the experts’ recommendations which would facilitate the successful implementation of the PCA function in 2017.