WCO and JICA jointly support Kenya to address new challenges through Risk Assessment and Selectivity

31 May 2017

Under the auspices of the WCO/JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Joint Project, a WCO/JICA Joint Follow-up Workshop for KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) on Risk Assessment and Selectivity was held in Naivasha, Kenya, from 22 to 24 May 2017.  Thirty-three KRA officials responsible for risk assessment and selectivity participated. They worked intensively to improve their knowledge, skills and techniques to ensure effective customs control while facilitating legitimate trade.

The environment surrounding Customs administrations have been changing dramatically these days.  In East Africa, for instance, there are a number of institutional and technological developments, such as the implementation of the Single Customs Territory (SCT) and the introduction of the Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS).  To further improve their operation and to ensure the smooth flow of legitimate goods while ensuring effective customs control, KRA is now preparing to further enhance its risk management related functions. 

To support this move, KRA and WCO/JICA Joint Project agreed to take a two-step approach for capacity building of KRA staff.  A first basic training on risk management for KRA officers was organized by KRA resource persons in March 2017 with assistance from JICA.  As a second step, a WCO/JICA Joint workshop was organized last week for the same group of KRA officers to follow-up and to further improve their knowledge, skills and techniques.  

Tailoring the program to meet the latest needs of KRA, the workshop was designed in such a way as to introduce theory as well as practice focusing on effective risk assessment and selectivity of cargo.  In addition to a number of presentations made by experts from the WCO and from Japan Customs, this workshop included a number of practical exercises to ensure the proper application of risk assessment conceptsand practice in KRA operational activities.  Throughout the 3-day workshop, KRA staff actively participated in the program by sharing their issues and challenges.    

Both the WCO and JICA welcomed their hard work which demonstrated the strong ownership of KRA, enabling sustainable enhancement of risk management in Kenya.