Meeting with Iceland Customs

21 December 2018

At the invitation of the Acting Director General of Iceland Customs, Mr. Sigurður Skúli Bergsson, WCO Secretary General Kunio Mikuriya visited Reykjavik on 20 December 2018. 

Mr. Snorri Olsen, who recently took up the position of Director, Internal Revenue after serving as Director General of Iceland Customs for 21 years, and Ms. Sigfríður Gunnlaugsdóttir, International Affairs Manager, also attended the meeting with Secretary General Mikuriya.

The issues covered during the meeting ranged from how Customs administrations have evolved over the past 21 years and the ongoing changes in the Customs environment to the discussions held during the December 2018 Policy Commission, in which Iceland Customs participated, including the impact of digital technology and the growth in the number of international travellers. 

Given the WCO’s current focus on Small Island Economies, Dr. Mikuriya suggested that Iceland share its success story, built on the use of information technology and enhanced human resource management in Customs, with the international Customs community as a whole.