An Integrity Diagnostic Mission delivered for Jamaica Customs Agency

30 April 2019

Following a request from Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA), the World Customs Organization (WCO) conducted a five- day Integrity Diagnostic & Strategy Advisory Support mission from 25 to 29 March 2019 in Kingston, Jamaica.    

The primary objective of the mission was to assist JCA to get a better picture of what is needed to enhance integrity through conducting a diagnostic assessment and reviewing the extent to which internal controls  align with current international best practices, identifying gaps, determining priorities and recommendations for the way forward.

To achieve this, the WCO team applied a holistic methodology to support JCA in examining their compliance with the elements of the Revised Arusha declaration on Integrity in Customs.   The WCO team held meetings with the Commissioner of JCA and her senior executive team responsible for shaping the integrity strategy for Jamaica Customs.  They also met with stakeholders from the private sector to identify their concerns and analysis of the integrity situation in their environment.  The team also visited the Kingston Port to observe the customs operations.

The team further facilitated a self-assessment workshop that was attended by 23 mid-level managers from several work areas of the JCA. The workshop resulted in the preparation of an integrity action plan.

JCA welcomed the support of the WCO in the area of integrity development, and is looking forward to the recommendations of the diagnostic mission report. JCA also expressed its appreciation for the ongoing support provided by the WCO in other areas of Customs.

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