WCO Supports Oman on Advance Ruling System for Classification and Origin

23 December 2019

The World Customs Organization (WCO), under the sponsorship of the Customs Cooperation Fund (CCF) Eurocustoms, organized a Revenue Package National Workshop for the Directorate General of Customs of Oman on the development of an Advance Ruling System for Classification and Origin as set out in the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement. This Workshop was conducted in Muscat, Oman, from 15 to 19 December 2019.  Eighteen Customs officers worked intensively during the workshop facilitated by two WCO Technical Officers.

Oman is preparing for the operational implementation of the Advance Rulings system for classification and origin.

In his opening remarks, the Director General of Customs, Colonel Khalifa Ali Nasser Al Siyabi, emphasized the new role that Customs administrations must play in a global business environment which is characterized in particular by the speed of transactions, which requires more transparency and predictability for economic operators.

He further stressed that Advance Rulings on tariff classification and rules of origin is one of the measures that allow operators to gain predictability in relation to their business operations.

He confirmed that for the Advance Rulings system to be effective, it is necessary to continuously undertake awareness raising and capacity building actions for Customs officials, drawing on the expertise of the WCO.

The WCO Technical Guidelines on Advance Rulings for Classification, Origin and Valuation as well as the national regulatory provisions already drawn up by Oman Customs, made it possible to identify at group level a series of recommendation to define the best way to put into practice the national Advance Rulings system.

The outputs and knowledge gained from the Workshop will assist the Directorate General of Customs of Oman in implementing the Advance Rulings programme, and consequently, in facilitating its trade.