WCO continues to support the Bahamas in the area of tariff classification

13 March 2019

The World Customs Organization (WCO), under the framework of the WCO and Bahamas Customs and Excise Department (BCED) technical assistance agreement, organized a second national workshop on the Harmonized System. The workshop was conducted at BCED headquarters in Nassau from 4 to 8 March 2019.

The first workshop, delivered in October 2018, consisted of basic training on HS classification to officers including potential classification trainers in BCED. It also included activities to support the development of advance ruling procedures for classification and rules of origin, in line with the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.

The objectives of the second workshop were twofold:  train-the-trainer sessions to enhance knowledge and skills on tariff classification throughout the Bahamas Customs administration; and two, instruction and guidance on the essential theoretical and practical aspects of the Harmonized System and classification of goods under the Bahamas Customs Tariff.

The workshop was very effective. Twenty-five (25) officers (including 3 BCED trainers-in-training) from a number of different units attended the week-long training. The participants actively engaged on a multitude of issues related to the handling of practical classification issues. As a result of their engagement, the participants now possess greater knowledge on the principles of classification which will aide them in their day-to-day work.

For more information about this activity, please contact capacity.building@wcoomd.org