The Customs Administrations of Argentina and Peru strengthen their cooperation ties on CBM

19 July 2022

From 12-15 July 2022, a delegation of Peruvian border officers led by the Customs Administration of Peru (SUNAT), within the framework of the SECO-WCO Global Trade Facilitation Programme (GTFP), carried out a Study Visit to Argentina aiming to enhance their capacities and gather best practices in Coordinated Border Management (CBM).

With this activity, GTFP successfully promoted the exchange of experiences and lessons learned between the Customs Administrations of Peru and Argentina. The officers from the different border agencies of Peru had the opportunity to visit different border posts in Argentina to learn about their cooperation amongst the national border agencies, as well as with their  counterparts from Paraguay at the border post Posadas-Encarnación and from Brazil at the border post in Santo Tomé-Sao Borja.

In addition, the participating officers had the opportunity to work with CBM experts from Argentina on designing potential solutions for enhancing border coordination in Peru. This information will ultimately support the development of CBM procedures and protocols for the foreign trade border posts in Peru.

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