WCO News N°73 - February 2014

WCO News 73 

CONTENT (Download the Full February 2014 Issue in PDF Format)

04   Flash info

04 - A look at the new WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation

06 - e-BIC service now available for Customs authorities 
       By Douglas Owen, Bureau International des Containers et du Transport Intermodal

07 - United Nations launches global campaign targeting the criminal counterfeit trade

08 - Detector dogs sniff out protected timber species 
       By Volker Homes, WWF Germany, and Birgit Braun


11   Dossier : Communication

12 - Communication: sharing information for better cooperation 
       By Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General, World Customs Organization

14 - Business unusual: the paramount role of  communication in America’s business  recovery plans
       By Marcy Mason, US Customs and Border Protection

18 - Israel’s bold communication strategy pays off 
       By Doron Arbely, Former Director General of the Israel Cutoms Directorate

20 - The pivotal role of  Customs Brokers in  improving communication  and cooperation
       By Alfonso Rojas, President of the America Customs Brokers Association (ASAPRA)

22 - Cooperation is primarily the communication of useful information
       By Mouhamadou Makhtar Cissé, Minister delegate for the budget, attached to the Minister of economy
       and finance, former Director General of Customs, Senegal

24 - Communication, integral to the achievements of the European Union Customs Union
       By Max de Graaff, Director of resources, Directorate-General for taxation and customs union, 
       European Commission


27   Panorama

27 - Cooperation  between Customs and aviation  security authorities  in the Netherlands 
        By Marcel Neggers, Enforcement Unit, Dutch Customs national office

29 - Customs and industry, working together in the United Kingdom
        By David Hesketh, Senior Manager, HM Revenue and Customs

31 - China Customs cracks down on ivory smuggling gangs 
       By China Customs

32 - Qatar introduces the Customs Clearance Single Window         
       By Dr. Waiel Said, e-government portfolio Director, Qatar Customs

34 - Collaboration boosts innovation and efficiency in Belgium
       By Bart Van Mol, Head of the trade facilitation department, Antwerp Port Authority


36   Zoom

36 - Trinidad and Tobago Customs and Excise Division


38   Focus

38 - Promoting Single Windows as a tool for development
       By Dennis Ndonga, doctoral candidate, Monash law school in Melbourne, Australia 

42 - Data harmonization for Single Windows: a case study from Oman
       By Ian Hogg, Manager, trade facilitation centre of excellence, CRIMSONLOGIC

44 - Single Windows: the technology is the easy part!
       By Andrea Hampton, CROWN AGENTS


45  Point of view

45 - Invisible threat to sea container inspection staff
       By Wil Grullemans, General Manager of Nordiko quarantine systems

46 - From awareness to action: the digital dilemma in Customs continues
       By James Canham and members of the Accenture Global Customs Industry Team


48  In conversation

48 - “Any reform process has to identify the behaviour of an individual in a given context then seek to change it”,
         Gaël Raballand, Public Sector Specialist, World Bank


52   Events

52 - WCO Technology & Innovation Forum – a glimpse into the future of border technologies

54 - International Customs Day 2014

55 - Calendar of Events