WCO News N°74 - June 2014

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04   Flash info

04 - WCO Strategic Trade Control Enforcement (STCE) Project: a new component of the WCO Compliance 
        and Enforcement Package

06 - WCO launches Technology Network

07 - New publication : The Why and How of Performance Measurement Contracts


08   Dossier : WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

10 - Ready to implement the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement! 
       By Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General, World Customs Organization

12 - WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement: a potential catalyst for equality of opportunity 
       By Carlos G. Enriquez Montes, Minister Representative of Mexico to the WTO and the Mission of Mexico 
      to the European Union and facilitator for the negotiations on trade facilitation

15 - TFA challenged conventional WTO wisdom, new paper says 

14 - Linkages between Section I Articles of the TFA and WCO instruments and tools 
       By the WCO Secretariat

18 - Advance Rulings, a key element of trade facilitation 
       By the WCO Secretariat

21 - Phasing out PSI: WCO thinking and recommendations 
       By the WCO Secretariat

24 - Landmark WTO agreement has major implications for African trade 
       By Hester Hopkins, senior manager of Customs and Global Trade, Deloitte South Africa


26   Point of view

26 - Time to get to grips with information exchange 
        By Rob van Kuik, Counsellor, Directorate-General for Tax and Customs Policy and Legislation, 
        Nederlands Minsitry of Finance

30 - Standards and interoperability for secure track and trace 
        By Christine Macqueen, Director, Corporate Affairs, SICPA


32   Panorama

32 - Namibia’s Customs modernization drive and nCEN experience 
        By Lesley Tiboth, risk management section, Namibia Customs and Excise

34 - Growing information exchange between Customs and tax authorities in Korea 
        By Matthew Youngho Joo, Korea Customs Service

35 - Mexico-signs a Mutual Recognition Agreement with the Republic of Korea 
       By Mexico Customs

36 - ‘Customs-for-business’ – a new level of ambition for Poland’s Customs Service 
         By Tomasz Michalak, Director, Customs Policy Department, Ministry of Finance, Poland


38   Focus

38 - Second WCO Global AEO Conference under the spotlight 
       By the WCO Secretariat

42 - AEO programmes, the benefits for supply chain companies and MRA preparations 
       By Dr. Juha Hintsa, Director, Cross-Border Research Association (CBRA)

48 - Collaborative partnerships, the next phase of AEO programmes 
        By Daniel Baldwin, Former US Customs and Border Protection officer and current member of the 
        Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Security Council


52  In conversation

52 - “Every professional is also an individual engaged in a constant endeavour to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing him or her on a daily basis and to relate to them in intellectual terms”, Cédric Parizot, Research Fellow at the National Center for Scientific Research, Research and Studies Institute of the Arab and Muslim World, University of Aix-Marseilles


54   Events

54 - Highlights from the 2014 East Coast Trade Symposium in the United States 
       By Marcy Mason, a writer that covers trade for US Customs and Border Protection

56 - Customs celebrate International Customs Day

56 - Calendar of Events