WCO News N°75 - October 2014

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04   Flash info

05 - Operation BIYELA 2 nets over 100 million illicit and counterfeit products

07 - Operation GRYPHON leads to the seizure of 593 million cigarettes


08   Dossier : Council 2014

10 - The WCO Council tackles the tough challenges facing Customs worldwide  
        By Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General, World Customs Organization

12 - Latest developments in WCO areas of work: compliance, facilitation, 
        capacity building, and tariff and trade affairs

24 - Signing ceremonies

25 - 2014 WCO Photo Competition 

25 - Election highs


26   Point of view

26 - The quest for quality data requires hard and radical solutions        
        By Michael Norgrove, Former Director for Customs and Excise, United Kingdom, 
        and currently an independent consultant

29 - Origin laundering by professional fraud facilitators, challenges and opportunities for Customs
       By David Murphy, Former Head of the Customs Investigation Unit, European Anti-Fraud Office 
       (OLAF), European Commission


32   Panorama

32 - Kenya’s Excisable Goods Management System: using track and trace technology 
       By Karambu E. Muthaur, Compliance Officer, Large Taxpayers Office, Kenya Revenue Authority

34 - Illicit trade in timber: an outline of the problems facing Peru 
       By the Intelligence and tactical Operations Team, National Superintentency of the 
       Tax Administration (SUNAT), Peru

38 - Danish Customs officers honoured for contributing to global security and peace efforts 
       By Preben Buchholtz Hansen, Director, Customs and Duties, Danish Customs and 
       Tax administration (SKAT)

41 - Singapore’s approach to streamlining trade documentation 
       By Singapore Customs

44 - Facilitating trade in Cameroon through contractual arrangements between Customs 
       and the private sector 
       By Ms. Minette Libom Li Likeng, Director General of Cameroon Customs


46   Focus

46 - Integrity issue provides a powerful springboard for Australian Customs to rethink and re-forge itself 
       By Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

51 - A new approach to addressing corruption 
       By the WCO Secretariat

54 - Challenges and successes of post-conflict and transition countries in enhancing governance: 
        the case of Liberia 
        By William L. Buku, Assistant Commissioner of Customs, Liberia Revenue Authority

56 - Integrity in Customs’ procurement: the Norwegian perspective 
       By Per Arvid Nordli, Head of International Relations, Norwegian Directorate of Customs and Excise


58  Zoom

58 - Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority


60   In conversation

60 - “Having reliable, up-to-date and, above all, comparable data on tax revenues invite us to be open to different possibilities and to discussions of the choices”, Jocelyn Pierre, OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration


62   Events

62 - Highlights from the WCO Revenue Conference 

63 - Calendar of Events