WCO News N°76 - February 2015

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04   Flash info

04 - WCO launches IRIS, an application exploiting open source information

05 - Harmonized System amendments effective from 1 January 2017

05 - Latest accessions to WCO instruments

06 - From the crime scene to the courtroom: the ICCWC releases guidelines aimed at combating ivory 


08   Dossier

10 - Coordinated Border Management - An inclusive approach for connecting stakeholders 
        By Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General, World Customs Organization

12 - Managing land borders, the innovative Finnish model 
       By Mika Poutiainen, Head of Vaalimaa Customs, Finland

16 - Beginning the CBM process: the Botswana experience 
       By the Botswana Unified Revenue Service

18 - Inter-institutionality: a distinctive feature of the Colombian AEO model
       By Beatriz Junca Rodriguez, a member of the team responsible for the design and use of the AEO 
       model, Colombian National Tax and Customs Administration

22 - Coordinated border management in the Netherlands 
        By Frank Heijmann, Jos Ensing, Roel van‘t Veld and Marcel Neggers, Customs Policy & Enforcement
        Unit, Dutch Customs

28 - Customs and Post, a new era of cooperation 
       By David Koch, staff writer, Universal Postal Union

30 - WCO Data Model: the bridgehead to connectivity in international trade 
        By Satya Prasad Sahu, Commissioner (Single Window), Indian Customs

36 - Implementing New Zealand’s Joint Border Management System 
       By the New Zealand Customs Service


38   Panorama

38 - Uganda’s AEO programme leads trade facilitation in the region
        By Dicksons C. Kateshumbwa, Assistant Commissioner: Customs Audit, Uganda Revenue Authority

41 - Israel launches a campaign to educate future tax-payers
       By Yitzhak Leon, Senior Director of Orders, Licensed Warehouses and Unclaimed Goods, 
       Customs Directorate Headquarters, Israel Tax Authority

42 - Qatar’s Single Window system continues to deliver improved results 
       By Qatar General Authority of Customs

44 - BEST, an interagency collaboration model that’s keeping the United States safer
       By Bernadette Smith, Writer, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

47 - Cape Verde strengthens partnerships with stakeholders and enhances engagement with the public
       By Richard Chopra, West African Customs Administrations Modernization Project Manager

50 - Sri Lanka’s prestigious Customs Museum opens to wide acclaim
       By Sri Lanka Customs

52 - Cambodia’s ‘accession journey’ to the WCO Revised Kyoto Convention
       By Cambodia Customs

54 - Heightened controls on light aviation in West Africa
       By French Customs and the WCO Secretariat


56   Focus

56 - Fighting film thieves: how CBP works with others to prevent motion picture and television piracy 
       By Marcy Mason, a writer who covers trade for US Customs and Border Protection


62   In conversation

62 - “In Australia, introducing ‘plain packaging’ is unlikely to be followed by the entry of new competitors 
        or a substantial increase in the supply of illegal cigarettes”, Harry Clarke and David Prentice, 
        researchers from La Trobe University’s School of Economics, Melbourne, Australia


66   Point of view

66 - Protecting intellectual property, the 'missing partner'
       By Dan Baldwin, Principal Global Trade Consultant, Baldwin Global Trade Consulting


70   Events

70 - PICARD 2015 – Call for Papers

71 - WCO Technology and Innovation Forum to take place in the Netherlands in October

71 - Calendar of Events