WCO News N°78 - October 2015

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04   Flash info

04 - New book provides insight into the economic benefits of implementing a single window system 
       By Dr Dennis Ndonga, Murdoch University, Australia

05 - Tribute to Professor Hironori Asakura

06 - Project INAMA: enhancing Sub-Saharan Customs’ capacity to fight illegal wildlife trade

08 - Overview of Russia’s Training Centre for NII System experts
        By Alexei Moiseev, Vice-Rector for International Relations, Russian Customs Academy

08- Latest accessions to WCO instruments


10   Dossier : Council 2015

12 - WCO Members confer and act on trade facilitation, e-commerce, and security at the June 2015 
       WCO Council sessions
        By Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General, World Customs Organization

14 - Latest developments in WCO areas of work: compliance, facilitation, capacity building, 
       and tariff and trade affairs

29 - Election highs

30 - 2015 WCO Photo Competition 

31 - Signing ceremonies 


32   Focus: E-commerce

32 - Facilitating e-commerce
       By the WCO Secretariat

38 - E-commerce and revenue collection
       By the WCO Secretariat

44 - Supporting e-commerce: Korea Customs Service’s strategy
       By Tae-kon Sung, Director general of the clearance facilitation bureau, and 
       Yeon-Soo Choi, Director of the multilateral cooperation division, Korea Customs Service

48 - Australia’s tax reforms and e-commerce: a country perspective 
       By the Australian Department of Immigration and Border  Protection

50 - Let cross-border e-commerce be an engine for growth
       By the Global Express Association


54   Panorama

54 - Dubai’s Virtual Freight & Logistics Corridor streamlines cargo movement
       By Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director, Dubai Customs

56 - Educating the next generation of Customs professionals
       By Frank Heijmann and Martin Lutterop from the Netherlands Customs Administration, 
       Yao-Hua Tan, Bas Giesbers and Rob Zuidwijk from the Rotterdam School of Management, 
       and Joris Hulstijn from the Delft University of Technology

60 - EU launches a new Customs Data Model based on WCO standards
       By Frank Janssens, Head of Unit, and Jean-Luc Delcourt, Head of sector, Customs processes, 
       data and project management Unit, European Commission Directorate-General for Taxation 
       and Customs Union

63 - Violent extremism, borders and action by Customs teams
       By Franck Lacroix, Directorate-General for Customs and Indirect Taxes, France

66 - Illegal wildlife trade: an outline of the problems facing Peru 
       By the Intelligence and Tactical Operations Team, Peru Customs

70 - Singapore’s ‘whole-of-government’ approach to coordinated border management: maintaining 
       its edge amidst new challenges 
       By Singapore Customs and the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore

73 - Vanuatu Customs’ response strategy to Cyclone Pam
        By John Sala, Deputy Director of Customs, Vanuatu Customs and Inland Revenue Department

74 - Sri Lanka Customs’ response to a natural disaster: challenges faced and lessons learned 
       By JP. Chandraratne, Director of Customs, Sri Lanka Customs


76   Book Review

76 - Tobacco Control, International Trade, and Public Health: a review of Holly Jarman’s book 
       ‘The Politics of Trade and Tobacco Control’ 
        By Robert Ireland, WCO Head of Research and Communications


79   Point of view

79 - 10 years of promoting the academic standing of the Customs profession 
        By Professor David Widdowson, President of the International Network of Customs Universities

80 - Prospects for Africa’s Tripartite Free Trade Agreement in the light of lessons learned from the
       East African Community 
       By Creck Buyonge Mirito


83   Events

83 - Calendar of Events