WCO News N°79 - February 2016

WCO News 79

CONTENT (Download the February 2016 Issue in PDF Format)

04   Flash info

04 - New book examines existing collaborative mechanisms aimed at protecting the environment 
       in a more efficient way
       By Mariya Polner, Policy Advisor, WCO Enforcement Sub-Directorate

06 - The WCO launches I2C, a single contact centre for all enforcement-related matters

06 - New WCO guide for updating preferential rules of origin


08   Dossier : Digital Customs

09 - Digital Customs, the opportunities of the Information Age
       By Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General, World Customs Organization

12 - Malaysia launches new information system
       By the Royal Malaysian Customs Department

14 - The United Kingdom’s journey towards a modern declaration management service
        By Ian Wilkins, Head of Business Transformation and Customs Services, Her Majesty’s Revenue 
        and Customs

16 - UNI-PASS: Korea’s Customs modernization tool
        By Hoon-Goo Cho, Director General of the Information and International Affairs Bureau,     
        and Sung-Hoon Nam, Deputy Director of the Information Planning Division, Korea Customs Service

18 - SARS’ experience regarding the impact of digitalization on human resources
       By the Business Systems Division, South African Revenue Service

20 - eTIR, the new digital TIR carnet 
       By Daniel Kern, International Road Transport Union (IRU) and André Sceia, United Nations Economic
       Commission for Europe (UNECE)

24 - AEO and paperless procedures: a great opportunity for companies
        By Olivier Layec, ALIS INTERNATIONAL

27 - Securing the digital supply chain
       By James Canham and Alexander de Voet, Accenture Global Customs Practice


30   Focus: Data

30 - Start small, think big: big data! 
       By Ziv Baida, Business Development Director, European Government Sector, Dun & Bradstreet

34 - Using open data to combat transnational criminal networks 
       By Varun Vira and Jessica Hansen, C4ADS

38 - Customs, cultural goods and data 
       By María Esther Portela Vázquez, Researcher, Cultural Heritage International Protection


42   Panorama

42 - Supporting private sector engagement – the CBSA’s stakeholder engagement model 
       By the Canada Border Services Agency and the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers

45 - CBP gauges automation of US Virgin Islands’ trade entry process
       By the United States Customs and Border Protection

46 - The EU cracks down on e-waste crime 
       By Juha Hintsa and Sangeeta Mohanty, Cross-border Research Association

52 - Serbia puts technology to best use
       By Serbia Customs


54   Point of view

54 - Implementing the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement will deliver huge dividends to the global economy 
       By Coleman Nee and Robert Teh, Counsellors, World Trade Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

58 - Addressing the misuse of Customs valuation databases 
       By John Danilovich, Secretary-General, International Chamber of Commerce

59 - Valuation database as a risk assessment tool: Ecuador, India and Kenya Customs share 
       their experience
       By the WCO Secretariat in cooperation with the Customs administrations of Ecuador, India and Kenya


62   Book Review

62 - Higher tobacco taxes increase revenue and save lives: a review of the WHO Report 
       on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2015
       By Robert Ireland, WCO Head of Research and Communications


66   Events

66 - Interdisciplinary approach, a hallmark of the 2015 WCO PICARD Conference 
       By Sylvie Degryse, Communications Service, World Customs Organization

70 - Round-up of the WCO Technology & Innovation Forum 
       By Laure Tempier, Communications Service, World Customs Organization

74 - Paper on the use of container status messages wins ‘best paper’ award

78 - Calendar of Events