WCO News N°80 - June 2016

WCO News 80

CONTENT (Download the June 2016 Issue in PDF Format)

04   Flash info

04 - Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement added to WCO Comparative Study on Preferential Rules of Origin

05 - WCO releases new instrument on transfer pricing and Customs valuation


06   Dossier : Illicit Trade

06 - Some thoughts on illicit trade
       By Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General, World Customs Organization

10 - Testing Customs enforcement practices: the ambitious agenda of the COPES Project
       By the WCO Communications Service

12 - Malaysia destroys huge ivory trove 
       By Agence France-Presse (AFP)

14 - Risk management: an upgraded version of the nCEN now available
        By the WCO nCEN team

16 - Switzerland addresses the traffic in cultural goods
       By Professor Jean-Robert Gisler, Federal Office of Police, Switzerland

20 - Hong Kong Customs: equipped to tackle cybercrime
       By Guy Fong, Group Head of Intellectual Property Investigation (Operations), Hong Kong Customs

22 - Highlights on the trade in non-authorized and counterfeit pesticides
       By Ing. M.H. van Diesen, Senior Inspector, Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, The Netherlands.

26 - Illegal fishing, another form of wildlife crime
       By Markus Burgener, Senior Programme Officer, TRAFFIC

32 - Tracking the illicit traffic in weapons
        By Mike Lewis, Conflict Armament Research

34 - Automatic detection tools: from concept to reality
       By Dr. Chen Zhiqiang, President and CEO, NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED


36   Focus

36 - The power of pollen: how CBP is at the forefront of using pollen as a new forensic tool
       By Marcy Mason, a writer who covers trade for US Customs and Border Protection 


42   Point of view

42 - Thoughts on ‘Big Data’ and our real world
       By Christine Macqueen, Director of Corporate Affairs, SICPA

44 - Quantifying the illicit trade in tobacco: a matter of public interest and self-interest
       By Robert Ireland, WCO Head of Research and Communications


48   Panorama

48 - Dubai Customs: Journey towards a ‘Customs of the future’
       By Juma Al Ghaith, Executive Director, Customs Development Division, Dubai Customs 

54 - Publishing TRS results in the public domain: Poland’s positive experience
       By Tomasz Michalak, Director, Customs Department, Ministry of Finance, Poland

59 - Customs-Police cooperation, the Canadian experience
       By Nada Semaan, Executive Vice President, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

61 - Overview of Australian Border Force’s counter terrorism capabilities
       By the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection


63   Events

63 - Calendar of Events