WCO News N°81 - October 2016

CONTENT (Download the June 2016 Issue in PDF Format)

04   Flash info

04 - Overview of the e-learning courses available on the WCO CliKC! platform

05 - Latest accessions to WCO instruments


06   Dossier : Council 2016

08 - Members of the WCO engage on e-commerce, security, coordinated border management, illicit trade, 
       and revenue at the July 2016 WCO Council sessions
       By Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General, World Customs Organization 

11 - Latest developments related to tariff and trade affairs

17 - Latest developments related to procedures and facilitation

22 - Latest developments related to capacity building

26 - Latest developments related to compliance and enforcement

30 - Other highlights: election results; winner of the photo competition; and signing of Memoranda of 


32   Focus: Customs Brokers

32 - An overview of the outcomes of the WCO Study Report
       By the WCO Secretariat

41 - Some thoughts about Customs brokers: the WCO survey and beyond
        By the International Federation of Customs Brokers Associations

44 - An overview of Japan’s Customs brokerage legislation
       By Shoichi Sudo, Deputy Director, Customs and Tariff Bureau, Ministry of Finance, Japan

46 - Cameroon’s experience concerning licensed Customs brokers
       By Cameroon Customs

49 - A global Customs broker’s insights into the profession’s challenges, successes, and best practices
       By Dana L. Lorenze, Senior Vice President, Global Customs, Expeditors


45   Panorama

52 - Assessing Single Window performance: an overview of the peer review exercise undertaken in five 
       African countries
       By the African Alliance for e-Commerce

55 - Improving cocaine profiling for better law enforcement in Italy
       By Maria Monfreda, Central Directorate for Product Analysis and Chemical Laboratories, 
       Italian Customs

58 - Homecoming: after 15 years, CBP returns to the World Trade Center
       By Marcy Mason, a writer who covers trade for US Customs and Border Protection

62 - Georgia, Europe’s first nCEN country
       By the Georgia Revenue Service

64 - Dubai Customs launches the UAE’s innovative AEO programme
       By Eman Badr Al-Suwaidy, Director, Customs Declaration Management & Owner, 
       AEO Programme Project, Dubai Customs    

67 - Cooperation: a cornerstone of the EU’s Customs Union
        By By Roel van 't Veld, Specialist Policy Advisor, EU Affairs, Customs Administration of 
        The Netherlands


70   Interview

70 - Molly Fannon, the Director of the Office of International Relations at the Smithsonian Institution, 
       talks about the Institution and its activities, with a focus on the illicit trade in cultural goods and 
       cooperation with law enforcement authorities


75   Point of view

75 - Global warming, international trade, and the quantification of carbon emissions: production-based  and
       consumption-based accounting
       By Robert Ireland, Head of the WCO Research Unit


79   Events

79 - Calendar of Events