Leadership and Management Development Programme

The WCO offers a 2-week Leadership and Management Development (LMD) Workshop to its members. This workshop is aimed at senior management level of an administration

The LMD Workshop is designed to inspire senior managers to develop and integrate more leadership attitude and behavior in their management style. The workshop develops personal leadership skills, by focusing on personal development through “knowing yourself” , by becoming more aware of personal mission, attitude, behavior and beliefs and by really understanding and positively influencing others.

Next to reinforcing the strategic management skills of managers, the LMD Workshop is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of participants to better contribute to the organizational development and modernization processes of their respective Customs administration. Improvement of management skills will be achieved on a wide range of management issues such as change management, strategic communications, people management, visioning and the development of Customs for the 21st century.

The WCO also offers a 3.5 day Top Executive Retreat (TER) as part of the Leadership and Management Development (LMD) Programme. This event is offered to executive teams (CG and executive team, or Commissioner Customs and executive team, etc.).

The TER ensures that other support provided to a Member in the area of LMD will lead to sustainable development and capacity building; Executives and senior managers who have attended a two-week LMD Workshop will speak the same language in leading and managing important changes in the organization.

The TER retreat is a highly intensive programme that normally starts on Tuesday 5 PM and ends Friday 9 PM. The daily agenda is from 9 AM until 11 PM.

The TER pursues fundamental and sustainable changes on organizational level, teambuilding of the executive team and building individual Leadership skills.

The programme is very interactive, contains surprising elements that work on a deeper personal level and takes place in a safe and open atmosphere.

The Top Executive Retreat strives to achieve the following objectives :

  • Improve understanding of the role of leaders and how to develop leadership qualities;
  • Develop a greater awareness of key strategic emerging drivers for change in the administration’s context;
  • Increase ability to lead the organization to meet the many challenges of the 21st Century;
  • Increase capacities to implement change and achieve organizational results through effective leadership, with special focus to elevate the level of integrity; and
  • More effective teamwork within the executive team through more trust and openness.

The final programme/agenda of the Top Executive Retreat partially depends on input provided by members of the executive team. Such input will be gathered through a questionnaire a month before the event.

Administrations that are interested in having a TER and/or LMD Workshop can contact WCO directly to me, or via our email address capacity.building@wcoomd.org

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