Leadership and Management Development Programme

Leadership and Management …the basis for modern Customs administrations


  • A vital need for the development of Customs leaders and managers to enhance their ability to lead, reform and modernize their organizations.
  • The necessity of a renewed professional approach to the management and operations of Customs administrations across the globe.

WCO response

  • A project bringing together expertise from Member administrations, Academia and the private sector to contribute to the development of Customs managers through a focus on the challenges and specificities of the Customs operating environment.
  • A programme based on the components and principles of the PICARD Professional Standards and international best practices in leadership development.

Programme Overview

The objective is to develop the leadership qualities, managerial skills and knowledge of Customs managers, to improve their capacity to contribute to the reform and modernization of their administration.

Well-balanced mix of modern Management theory and practice to achieve:

  • Improved management skills relevant to Customs: Elements of modern Customs,visioning, negotiation, people management, communication, change management,integrity, etc.
  • Increased ability to contribute to Customs reform through effective leadership
  • Greater understanding of the role of Customs managers in sustainable organizational development
  • Enhanced awareness of how to become a better leader and manager

Workshop conducted over 9 days based on an interactive and highly participative approach including case studies, role plays, simulations and group discussions.

Target group: Senior Customs managers or high-potential middle-managers. Maximum number of participants for each workshop: 20

Customs Administrations interested in receiving a Leadership and Management Development support should make formal request to the WCO.

WCO Fellowship Programme …investing in the future Leaders of the Customs World

Professional development based on the PICARD Professional Standards and the need to expose promising Customs middle-managers to the WCO, its instruments, and other Customs-related international best practices.


Exposes middle-managers to modern Customs instruments and practices.

Creates context for participants to build a network for Customs development.

Provides opportunity for participants to develop an adapted solution to meet their administration’s challenges in a key area of Customs modernization.


• Introduction to the WCO

• Leadership and Management Development Workshop

• Research paper done by participants on a specific reform and modernization challenge in their administration

• Coaching from a WCO secretariat official to find optimum solutions

• Study trip to a modern Customs administrations in a specific area of research

Frequency: Annual sessions in English, French and Spanish.

Duration: 4 weeks at the WCO Secretariat combined with a 2-week study trip in a modern Customs administration.

Sponsors: Belgium, Canada, European Union, France, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

E-learning course