The Virtual Customs Orientation Academy (VCOA)

The Virtual Customs Orientation Academy (VCOA) was introduced in 2014. This English-speaking programme offers a 14-week tutored online course via the CLiKC! platform for newly recruited Customs officers. The courses offered under the VCOA aim at providing Customs inductees with knowledge about the WCO and its instruments and tools, an understanding of Customs modernization and capacity building concepts, as well as with a capacity to understand basic revenue collection principles, Customs procedures, and Customs enforcement principles.

Every year, a letter is sent out to Member administrations, inviting them to nominate candidates for the programme. To enter the programme, the candidates must be nominated by their administrations. A second selection is then undertaken by the VCOA trainers.

The Virtual Academy brings regional and global Customs knowledge to the future Customs generation and offers a unique opportunity for new recruits to build worldwide professional networks amongst the Customs Community.