CEN Suite

Customs administrations around the world play a vitally important role in the fight against transnational crime. In order to be effective they require the necessary hardware and software, as well as the related knowledge and skills to implement simplified and improved Customs procedures, with modern Customs operational techniques. In today’s digital age, a fast flow of information between countries, agencies and front-line staff is a key factor in effective border control and the disruption of illicit trade. Faced with the task of promoting greater connectivity and more harmonious interaction, the WCO is putting an ever-increasing value on technology and innovation.

The WCO Customs Enforcement Network (CEN) became operational in 2000, but since then the CEN suite has grown to include a number of standalone applications, such as nCEN, a national database for the collection and storage of law enforcement information, and CENcomm, a secure communication platform for a closed group of users. Complimentary and compatible in nature, the applications provide Customs with the latest technology tools within a secure global network to successfully meet the challenges of the digital age.