Customs Enforcement Network Communication Platform (CENcomm)

We are fast becoming a world economy based on the communication of information. The evolution of technology into our daily lives has allowed rapid global communication while business and social networking is shaping our modern society. The ability to exchange and disseminate information in a secure environment, especially when time is of the essence, is imperative for Customs during special border enforcement operations. With this in mind, CENcomm was conceived as a web-based communication system permitting a closed user group of officers to exchange messages via encrypted channels, in real time, for the duration of an operation or project.

Encouraged by the popularity of the application amongst WCO Members and eager to meet user expectations, the WCO has increased customisation of the system to cater to the needs of specific operations or user groups. For example, members of a closed user group can exchange information in a standardised manner with the use of templates available in CENcomm, which can be amended upon request to only include data fields which are pertinent to this specific operation. Subsequently, the organisers of the operation have the option of extracting the collected data for analytical purposes.

CENcomm has a number of programme specific applications. For example, ENVIRONET is a real-time communication system for information exchange in the area of environmental issues among Customs administrations, competent national authorities, international organizations, and their regional networks.

Accessible via the Internet, 24-hours-a-day, overcoming language barriers through its availability in five different languages, CENcomm is the epitome of global communication for law enforcement officers.

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