Permanent Technical Committee

23 February 2015

I. Opening and adoption of the Agenda

Adoption of the Draft Agenda and the Summary Document

II. WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA):

III. Economic Competitiveness Package

IV. Update and reports

V. Customs-Business Partnership

VI. E-commerce

Issues arising from the increase in e-commerce - PC0385

  • Presentation by Korea

Goods return service

  • Presentation by TNT
  • Presentation by UPU

Electronic exchange of data between Post and Customs

  • Presentation by UPU
  • Presentation by EU
  • Presentation by GEA

VIII. Time Release Study

IX. Regional integration

X. Information Management

Highlights from the 67th Meeting of the Information Management Sub-Committee - PC0390

  • Update on the IMSC Work Programme
  • Product Identification Codes (PIC)
  • Electronic payment

Updated Single Window Compendium and Repository - PC0391

XII. Globally Networked Customs

Presentation Utility Blocks

  • Presentation by Serbia
  • Presentation by Argentina (tbc)

XIII. Coordinated Border Management