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Economic Competitiveness Package


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  • Overview

    The Economic Competitiveness Package (ECP) is currently a matter of high priority at the World Customs Organization (WCO). Economic competitiveness starts with trade facilitation and Customs administrations undeniably play an important role in this respect. Indeed, facilitating trade is one of the WCO’s key objectives and the Organization has contributed, through its tools and instruments as well as through technical assistance, to increasing the economic competitiveness and growth of Members.
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  • Instruments and Tools

    The ECP comprises existing WCO instruments and tools which contribute to economic growth and aims to assess any needs for additional tools. The principles laid down in the Revised Kyoto Convention (RKC) are recognized as forming the core of the ECP and as the basis of all modern Customs procedures; in addition, and to take account of subsequent developments, the ECP includes all other WCO tools that strengthen trade facilitation. In this respect, the ECP may provide practical implementation guidance in preparation for any future WTO agreement on trade facilitation.
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  • Latest Updates

    Economic Competitiveness Package Toolkit; WTO Trade Facilitation Toolkit; Revised Kyoto Convention Toolkit; Innovative Practices of Members.
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  • ECP Action Plan

    The ECP Action Plan was prepared for and presented at the Policy Commission’s 68th Session in December 2012. The Policy Commission endorsed the Action Plan which sets out 21 Actions, indicating deadlines where appropriate and the bodies responsible for the specific Actions.
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