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Research Paper Series


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40 Survey Results on the Control of Mineral Resources April 2017 H. Jeong
 39  Implications of Big Data for Customs - How It Can Support Risk Management Capabilities March 2017 Y. Okazaki
38 Global Warming, International Trade, and the Quantification of Carbon Emissions: Production-Based and Consumption-Based Accounting

October 2016

R. Ireland

37 Tobacco Control: Interviews and Articles, 2015-2016 October 2016  R. Ireland
36  A Survey of Customs Administration Approaches to Money Laundering March 2016 C. Han and R. Ireland
35 Border, Informality, International Trade and Customs

December 2015

T. Cantens, R. Ireland, and G. Raballand

34 A Survey of Customs Administration Perceptions on Illegal Wildlife Trade

June 2014

C. Han

33 Background Paper for the WCO Revenue Conference

June 2014

T. Yasui

32 The Why and How of Performance Measurement Contracts

June 2014

T. Cantens, R. Ireland, and P. Revesz

31 Customs Environment Scan 2014 - Annex March 2014 T. Yasui
30 Trade Facilitation in Regional Trade Agreements March 2014 T. Yasui
29 Customs Administrations Operating Under Customs Unions January 2014 T. Yasui
28 Transit Facilitation for Regional Economic Integration and Competitiveness April 2013 T. Yasui
27 What Happened to the Selected? Performance Measurement of the Korea Customs Service Selectivity System November 2012 C. Han and R. Ireland
26 The EU Aviation Emissions Policy and Border Tax Adjustments July 2012 R. Ireland
25 Compendium of AEO Programmes – 2012 Edition July 2012 M. Polner
24 The Time Release Study as a performance measurement tool for a supply chain and an international corridor June 2012 S. Matsuda
23 Customs Environmental Scan 2012 June 2012 T. Yasui
22 Informal Trade Practices May 2012 T. Cantens
21 Performance Contracts for Customs Officers Dec. 2011 T. Cantens and R. Ireland
20 World Trends in Preferential Origin Certification and Verification Nov. 2011 A. Tanaka
19 Coordinated Border Management: From Theory to Practice  Nov. 2011 M. Polner
18 The Customs Supply Chain Security Paradigm and 9/11: Ten Years On and Beyond  Sept. 2011 R. Ireland
17 A Survey of Single Window Implementation Aug. 2011 J. Choi
16 The EU Aviation Emissions Policy and the Australian Carbon Tax July 2011 R. Ireland
15 Risk Assessment/Targeting Centres – Study Report [ru] June 2011 S. Aniszewski

Compendium of Authorized Economic Operator Programmes - 2011 Edition

June 2011 M. Polner

An Overview of Performance Measurement in Customs Administrations

Apr. 2011 R. Ireland, T. Cantens, & T. Yasui
12 Comparative Study on Preferential Rules of Origin  Apr. 2011 W. Stocker
11  Case Studies on Systematic Exchange of Commercial Information between Customs Administrations in Bilateral and Regional Arrangements  Feb. 2011 T. Yasui
10 Implications for Customs of climate change mitigation and adaptation policy options: a preliminary examination  Nov. 2010 R. Ireland
9 Reforming Customs by measuring performance: a Cameroon case study Nov. 2010 T. Cantens, G. Raballand, & S. Bilangna
8 Compendium of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programmes Jun. 2010 M. Polner
7 Overview of Literature on Corruption Mar. 2010 M. Polner & R. Ireland
6 Benefits of the Revised Kyoto Convention Feb. 2010 T. Yasui
5 Cooperation between Customs and tax administrations: Lessons learned from Revenue Authorities Dec. 2009 T. Yasui
4 WCO Technology and Innovation Forum: Background paper Nov. 2009 S. Aniszewski
3 The WCO SAFE Framework of Standards: Avoiding Excess in Global Supply Chain Security Policy Nov. 2009 R. Ireland
2 Coordinated Border Management - a concept paper [ru] Jun. 2009 S. Aniszewski
1 A preliminary study on the impacts of the WTO Doha Development Agenda Negotiations on Customs Jun. 2009 S. Aniszewski


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