WCO implementing the WTO TFA


  • Message from Secretary General

    Message from the WCO Secretary General, Kunio Mikuriya, on the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation

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  • WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation

    WTO members finally reached consensus on the Agreement on Trade Facilitation (TFA) at the Bali Ministerial Conference in December 2013. The full text of the TFA is available here.

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  • Use of the ICT - WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation

    Digital Customs has the potential to not only improve efficiency and reduce trade costs but also achieve enhanced trade facilitation.

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  • Mercator Programme

    The WCO announced the launch of the WCO Mercator Programme to support implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). It is aimed at assisting governments worldwide to implement the TFA expeditiously and in a harmonized manner.

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  • Regional Workshops

    From 27 to 29 May 2015, the WCO, in cooperation with the EU as Vice Chair of the WCO Europe Region and the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration, held a WCO Regional Workshop on Strategic Initiatives for Trade Facilitation.

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  • NCFT

    National Committees on Trade Facilitation

    The WCO assists Members in establishing National Committees on Trade Facilitation as required by the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement. It has performed a survey and is collecting case studies to share experiences amongst the Members.

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  • Implementation Guidance for Section I

    To support the harmonized implementation of the TFA by using core WCO instruments and tools, the WCO released an Implementation Guidance for Section I. For each TFA Article, it contains the following categories of information: Overview; Text of the TFA Article; relevant RKC Standards and RKC Guidelines; other relevant WCO tools; Member practices; and performance indicators.

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  • Analysis of Section I

    The Analysis of Section I of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement was developed to provide relevant information and guidance in terms of preparing for the implementation of the TFA provisions by using WCO instruments and tools, to ensure a harmonized approach by Customs administrations, and to present the basis for the TFA Implementation Guidance web tool.

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  • Information Sheets

    The WCO has developed a series of information sheets to introduce WCO tools and instruments as well as WCO’s capacity building/technical assistance for the implementation of the TFA.

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  • Working Documents

    The WCO has developed working documents to support Members with the implementation of the TFA. They will be updated on a regular basis to take account of Members’ views and needs.

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  • Other Relevant Documents

    Other Relevant Documents

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