Information Sheets

The WCO has developed a series of information sheets to introduce WCO tools and instruments as well as WCO’s capacity building/technical assistance for the implementation of the TFA.

Information Sheet Last update
How the WCO can support the implementationof the WTO TF Agreement December 2016
World Customs Organization supports LLDCs November 2014
WCO’s Role in Implementing the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement June 2014
Authorized Operators Scheme (Article 7.7 of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement) June 2014
WCO Cargo Targeting System June 2014
Customs Co-operation (Article 12 of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement) June 2014
South Africa and Swaziland – Implementing Exchange of Information June 2014
Risk Management in Malawi June 2014
Post Clearance Audit Project for Oceania Customs Organisation June 2014
Implementing the WCO Data Model in Oman June 2014
Implementing the Single Window in Chile June 2014
Regional Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) scheme in Eastern & Southern Africa June 2014
Implementing Advance Tariff Rulings in Liberia June 2014
WCO Guidelines for Post-Clearance Audit March 2014
Advance Ruling March 2014
WCO Customs Risk Management Compendium March 2014
Facilitating trade through communication, cooperation and coordination  January 2014
WCO and Customs’ roles in implementing the TFA  January 2014