WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation

WTO members reached consensus on the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) at the Bali Ministerial Conference in December 2013.

The TFA contains twelve articles regarding Trade Facilitation and Customs Cooperation in Section I, ten articles on special and differential treatment for developing countries and least-developed countries in Section II and two articles on institutional arrangements and final provisions in Section III. The TFA deals almost entirely with Customs-related topics.

Section I

Art.1 Publication and availability of information

Art.2 Consultation

Art.3 Advance ruling

Art.4 Appeal/Review procedures

Art.5 Other measures for transparency etc.

Art.6 Fee and Charges

Art.7 Release and Clearance of goods

Art.8 Border Agency Cooperation

Art.9 Movement of goods intended for import

Art.10 Formalities

Art.11 Transit

Art.12 Customs cooperation

Section II

Special and Differential Treatment for Developing Countries and Least-Developed Countries

  • Rules about Categories A, B and C
  • Assistance for Capacity Building
  • Information to be submitted to the TF CommitteE
  • Final provision

Section III

Institutional arrangements and final provisions

  • Committee on Trade Facilitation
  • National Committee on Trade Facilitation
  • Final provisions