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(6 July 1993)


RECALLING that the idea of establishing definitions of international Customs terms dates from 1958 and that, since then, the Glossary containing the definitions is updated regularly,

REITERATING that the purpose of the Council's Glossary is to set down in a single document definitions of certain Customs terms in order to establish a common Customs terminology, intended not only to facilitate the work of the Council, but also to assist Members and non-Members, international organizations and trade circles to develop a uniform approach to the Customs and Customs-related questions with which they are concerned,

HAVING REGARD to the fact, though the Glossary does not in intself have the legal status of an international instrument, it has been approved by the Council and certain definitions within it have been accepted by the Contracting Parties to the principal international Customs Conventions,

RECOMMENDS that Members of the Council and members of the United Nations or its specialized agencies, and Customs or Economic Unions, should :

(1) make general use of the Council's Glossary of International Customs Terms,

(2) refer to the definitions in the Glossary for terms used at international level, to ensure that a term is employed with the meaning attributed to it in the Glossary, except where it must be defined differently, for the purposes of an international instrument,

(3) use the terms and their definitions in their legislation, in instruction, in training of Customs staff and in the performance of their duties,

(4) where appropriate, bring the Glossary to the attention of public or private national and international bodies which for various reasons may be concerned with Customs questions,

REQUESTS any Members of the Council and any members of the United Nations or its specialized agencies as well as Customs or Economic Unions which accept this Recommendation to notify the Secretary General of the Council of the date from which they will apply the Recommendation and the conditions of its application. The Secretary General will transmit this information to the Customs administrations of Council Members. He will also transmit it to the Customs administrations of the members of the United Nations or its specialized agencies and to the Customs or Economic Unions which have accepted this Recommendation.

* The Customs Co-operation Council is the official name of the World Customs Organization.