West African Customs Administration Modernization Project - The Ghana Revenue Authority benefits from WCO support in the field of Stakeholder Engagement!

06 diciembre 2013

As part of its sustained efforts to support member Customs administrations in various areas of organizational development and strategic management, the WCO conducted a mission to Ghana from the 18th to the 22nd of November 2013.

Under the auspices of the West Africa Customs Administration Modernization (WACAM) Project, a project funded by the Swedish government, the activity was the first of a series of missions aiming to assist the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) in developing and implementing a stakeholder engagement strategy according to best practices.

Working with a comprehensive team of 30 GRA officers (including 10 women) from various target units (modernization office, communication unit, technical services, Human Resources...), the mission identified a number of organizational challenges for which improved stakeholder engagement could assist this Member-Administration. The strategy drafted will strive to position GRA as a credible and relevant partner in trade facilitation, protection of society and revenue collection in Ghana. It will also work towards improved voluntary compliance of the trading community and enhanced coordination with other government agencies working in the international trade environment at the Port of Tema and elsewhere in the country.

On the 20th of November and in the framework of this WACAM mission, the GRA successfully organized a stakeholder roundtable, which was attended by over 20 representatives (including 4 women) of key stakeholders (Port Authority, Freight Forward Associations, Inspection Companies, National Petroleum Company...). The discussions held at this roundtable allowed participants to not only raise current issues but also to discuss synergies to find solutions to common problems.

Through the WACAM Project and throughout 2014, the WCO will support GRA in building capacity for implementing the newly developed stakeholder engagement strategy. The foreseen support will, notably, endeavour to assist the administration in setting up a consultative committee and strengthen the ability of GRA officials to effectively communicate and negotiate with partners.

It is worth noting that the WACAM Project was set up to provide support to West African Customs administrations in the area of stakeholder engagement, resource mobilization and human resources management. The project is currently in the full implementation phase, providing adapted support to Members to achieve progress in these areas of development.

For more information or queries, please contact the WCO WACAM Project Manager, Mr. Richard Chopra (Richard.chopra@wcoomd.org ).